Three On The Tree - The worlds first Surf-a-billy band?


This powerhouse trio started playing together in a 5 piece blues band around

2002. While all three members had been regulars on the Boston Blues scene

for many years, they decided that The Blues just wasn't cutting it anymore.

Searching for a new musical outlet, they rediscovered some of the greatest

music to come out of the 50's and 60's.


Rockabilly and Surf Guitar.

Two truly great American styles of music which have all but been forgotten.

Their new mission in life was to revive these lost art forms... thus

Three On The Tree was born.


Bringing to life the haunting, reverb soaked Surf Guitar sound, as well

as the intense slap bass and guitar Pickin' style of Rockabilly, has been

their only obsession this past year.


Keeping a few "Gems" from the Jump Blues genre, adding in a few classic

Country & Western hits and writing their own original "Surf-A-Billy" tunes ,

they've rounded out their sets and assembled a show which will

knock your socks off!!


Don't miss your chance to see the hottest little trio on the North Shore.

Three On The Tree... They're some hep cats Daddy-O!!!