A fair amount of time went into recording and editing these samples. If you like what you hear and use the samples, please consider a donation via PayPal to maylok @ aol . com in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

I'd also love to hear from anyone using the samples in their music as well. Drop me a line with a link to your song. If enough people use the samples and want more, I may do other series.

The samples are supplied as 16bit/44.1khz Zipped aif files. If you need wav files, contact me and I'll see what I can do. Also, if enough people respond, I can do a series in 24bit. I'm currently working on a Reason Refill of the entire kit with the 4 snare libraries included - More on that later.

Reason Files added 10-14-05. Some may be wondering where the Refill is, well... after many frustrating hours of dealing with Refill Packer, I gave up. I've included a download which should work just as well as a Refill, minus the file size savings. Instructions are included. This package includes the Full Kit, all 4 Snares and the NN-XT Program files to go with it. You also have access to all the raw sample files, which you don't get in a Refill.

EXS Files added 10-17-05. Hans Hafner has mapped out my kit and the original snare as an EXS kit for use in Logic. Way to go Hans!!!! You'll need both sample packs and the EXS files.

Kent Maple snare Files added 11-1-05. This package contains over 54MB of samples from my Vintage 1960's 6 lug Maple shell Kent snare. Extensive restoration was needed to get this drum up to snuff. This drum likes to be tuned LOW. Fat and loose is the best description I can give.

Possible future libraries may contain:

1960's Camco Oaklawn Badge Wood Snare. 1960's Ludwig Super Sensitive Snare. 1960's Slingerland Snare. 1940's WFL Wood Snare. 1960's Rogers Powertone Snare. 1960's? Kent Maple Snare.

1960's Ludwig Kit. 1960's Rogers Holiday Kit. 1980's Sonor Kit. 1990's Tama Rockstar Kit.

Thanks - Big Daddy

Big Daddy Drums - Vol. 1 22MB
Big Daddy 1920's Ludwig Snare - Vol. 1 - 4 6MB
Big Daddy Drums - Reason Files 28MB
Big Daddy Drums - Emagic/Logic EXS Files 10kb
Big Daddy Drums - 1960's Kent 2 Ply Maple Snare 54MB
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